Betbarter basic regulations


1.1.1. Formalization of wagers

The formalization and validation of conventional sports bets shall take place before the start of the sporting event contained in the betting program.

In the case of combined bets, the formalization of conventional sports bets must be completed before the start of the first event, in chronological order, of those contained in the bet.

The customer is solely responsible for ensuring that his betting slip has been correctly filled in and that he is therefore placing exactly the bet he wishes to place. Each bet is always properly identified, so it is the customer’s responsibility to check that the bet he/she is placing is the one he/she wishes to process.

The dates and times of the beginning of the events, as well as the results of the same, collected in the slips, programs, brochures, coupons, scoreboards, screens, or any other informative support, are merely approximate and may contain errors. This additional information is for information purposes only and will not be used for the purpose of calculating the bets, but these will be considered winners or losers depending on the date and time at which they were placed, the actual state of the event at that moment, and the success or error of the predictions contained in the ticket.

In all sports, only the regulation time is taken into account when evaluating bets, unless otherwise specified or unless the bets directly contemplate overtime.

On some occasions, the start time of an event shown may not be accurate. Betbarter recommends always checking the start time of an event on an official site.

In the case of soccer and other sports, bets are settled according to the first result published, or alternatively on the official website of the event immediately after it finishes. Any subsequent correction or modification will not be taken into account for settlement purposes.

If the result is not immediately available on the website of the event, or there is significant evidence that the published result is erroneous, the final result published on the website of the event will stand.

1.1.2. Participation Channel

Participation in the sports betting game will be carried out through electronic, computerized, telematic, and interactive channels. Participation may also be carried out through physical accessory terminals that Betbarter may install, subject to a prior authorization issued for such purpose by the competent Autonomous Community.

1.1.3. Gaming Account

Each user account is personal and non-transferable and no one else may use it. Misplacing the password or other relevant account information will not be justification for canceling bets unless the customer has been notified in advance.

The user must notify Betbarter of any change in his or her data that may occur.

Betbarter reserves the right to investigate those users who place bets from the same IP and, in case of fraud, to close the accounts connected to each other.


Betbarter allows its users to place the following types of bets:

1.2.1. Simple

This is a type of bet in which the user makes a prediction on a single result of a single sporting event (for example, winner of a match, exact result, number of goals, etc.). If the bet is correct, the user automatically receives his/her prize, which will be the result of multiplying the amount bet by the odds.

1.2.2. Combined

It is a type of bet in which the user makes a prediction simultaneously on the results of two or more sporting events (if desired by mixing different sports). In order for the bet to be a winning one, all the chosen predictions must be correct. In case one of them is wrong, the bet is a loser. The winnings of a combined bet are obtained by multiplying the odds assigned to the different selections that make up the bet by the amount wagered.

If any of the selected events do not take place (the match is canceled, for example) it will not be taken into account (odds=1.00). The rest of the bet will remain active.

Please note that multi-bets do not allow selections whose results can be directly interrelated to each other. For example, it is not possible to make a parlay including bets on an exact result and total goals in the same game since one result implies the previous achievement of the other one.

If the system allows bets with interrelated selections to be placed by mistake, they will be void regardless of the outcome of the bets.

1.2.3. System

This is a type of combined bet in which the user makes three or more predictions at the same time (if desired mixing different sports) which differs from the combined bet in that, even failing any of the selections, a prize can be obtained. This is because the system generates a series of combinations that cover all possible bets.

The winnings are calculated by adding together all the winning combinations that make up the bet. If any of the selected events do not take place (the match is canceled, for example) it will be removed from the system bet. The rest of the bet will remain active.


Betbarter informs that the data appearing on the live betting console provides merely indicative information and must always be checked against an official results page. Consequently, any inaccuracy in the live betting scores will not be grounds for the cancellation or invalidation of a bet.

In such cases, the winnings derived from bets placed by users will be calculated by applying to the bets the odds in force at the time the bets were placed, and will not be affected by subsequent changes in the odds.

Betbarter does not accept bets after the start of the event, except in the case of live bets. Thus, in the case of non-live bets, the start date indicated on the receipt indicates the cut-off time for the acceptance of bets. If a client had validated a bet containing sports event predictions (not live), after the said bet acceptance limit, or had validated a bet containing live predictions whose actual result has already occurred (safe prediction), in the case of single bets such bet (or selection) will be declared void, and the client will be entitled to the refund of the amount wagered, and in the case of combined bets, the selection will be declared void, the other selections remaining the same.


The user is able to make any claim whenever he/she wishes to do so. To do so, he/she may write an email to the address

The period for the presentation of the claims will be of 3 months counted from the date on which the game or session in which the participant participated or the fact based on which the claim took place. Betbarter will issue a communication addressed to the claimant, in which it will acknowledge receipt of the claim and in which it will state the identity of Betbarter and the deadline for reply.

Betbarter will resolve the participant’s claim within 1 month from the date on which the claim was received.

Betbarter will communicate to the users the identity of the personnel with whom they interact.


Each user must independently evaluate each bet placed. The bookmaker reserves the right to refuse part or all of a bet. The maximum number of events that can make up a combined bet is 25.

The maximum amount you are allowed to bet will depend on the chosen event and the limits established by Betbarter’s analysts at any given time. Said amount may be varied without prior notice by Betbarter.

1.5.1. Participation in Live Sports Bets

In general, the amount of money that a single participant may dedicate to his/her participation in live sports bets may not exceed the amount of the balance that the participant has in his/her gaming account at the moment in which the sporting event on which the bets are to be placed begins.

In those cases in which, once the sporting event on which bets are to be placed has begun, the participant registers as a user at Betbarter, it shall be understood, for the purposes of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, that the amount of the free balance in the gaming account is zero.

If during the course of the sporting event on which bets are being placed, the participant should deposit in his gaming account any additional amount, coming exclusively from the prizes won as a consequence of the bets placed live on that sporting event, this deposited amount may also be used to place new live bets on that same sporting event.

In the event that the same participant places live counterpart sports bets on two or more sporting events taking place simultaneously, the limit of the amounts that the participant may dedicate to the bets will be the amount of the balance that the participant has in his/her gaming account at each moment, as a consequence of the provisions of the two preceding paragraphs.

1.5.2. Invalid bets

A bet will be considered invalid and, therefore, the amount wagered will be refunded to the user, in the following cases:

  • When the event does not take place or when the bet is placed after the event has started (unless it is live), or once the result is publicly known.

Bets placed by the user in bad faith:

  • If a user places several identical or analogous bets with a clear desire to dishonestly obtain a profit without risk, taking advantage of the existence of a computer or human error.
  • If a user unjustifiably splits his bets with the sole intention of not having them detected by Bebtarter’s controls, knowing that they are placed on incorrect markets or odds.
  • Those combined bets are placed by the user with interrelated selections, when the same are expressly prohibited by section 1.2.2. of the present Rules, regardless of the result obtained with the bets, since the achievement of one of the results necessarily implies the achievement of the rest, totally eliminating the uncertainty in the forecast (an example would be to bet that a team is the winner of the NBA combined with the winner of its conference since if the first forecast is fulfilled, the second must necessarily have been fulfilled).
  • Such prohibited bets are placed because there is an error in the betting system that does not detect them when they are placed.
  • There is an essential error in the identification of the participants so that it does not correspond to a real event (for example, it is indicated in a tennis match Rafael Nadal vs Marc Lopez, when the match is between Rafael Nadal and Feliciano Lopez).
  • The format of competition is modified in a substantial way for betting purposes (for example, once a bet on the result of competition with qualifying rounds is offered, the rules for determining the final classification are altered by the corresponding official body).
  • Human errors of employees, computer errors, or significant technological errors such as errors of point indices or handicap lines that refer to i) predictions of unfeasible results within the average results of a certain sport (e.g. that the total points line in a basketball game is higher than 300 points); or ii) predictions that refer to a result whose outcome is practically certain (e.g. that the total points line in a quarter of a basketball game is lower than 100 points). In the event that one or more events affected by any of the above causes of cancellation are part of a combined bet, it will not be taken into account in the overall bet (therefore, the affected event will have the odds = 1.00). The rest of the combined bet, however, will continue to be considered valid.

Notwithstanding the above, this will not be a reason for cancellation as they are minor errors that can be clearly corrected:

A minor error in the nomenclature of any of the participants, forecasts, or market of a bet that, notwithstanding the existence of the same, allow its correct identification.

Nor any inaccuracy in the data appearing in the live betting console (this is merely indicative information) or errors -whether technical or content-related-, delays, or interruptions in the broadcasting of matches via streaming.


1.6.1. General rules

Betbarter has a maximum period of 90 minutes from the end of the event to settle the outcome of the bets. This maximum settlement time is indicative and may be exceptionally increased for specific reasons.

Due to the fact that the period of time is indicative, in no case will exceeding its limit imply that Betbarter incurs a violation of its terms and conditions, in these cases, Betbarter commits to resolve the evaluation of the event in the shortest possible time without any type of compensation to the user.

1.6.2. Cash Out 


Cash Out is a feature that allows you to collect your winnings before the event you have bet on ends.

This functionality is available for web and mobile and can be offered on certain sports and markets (not necessarily on all), on single bets, and on multiple bets.

Availability of the service and for which type of bets it is offered

The Cash Out feature is not available for bets placed with Bonuses, among others, Freebets, Welcome Bonus, etc. Bets on which the Cash Out feature has been used will also not be eligible for any type of Promotional Bonus.

Although the intention is to offer the Cash Out feature whenever possible, this service may be unavailable from time to time, so it is not possible to guarantee its availability at all times. It is therefore recommended that you do not place bets on the assumption that the Cash Out feature will be available as a means of mitigating your possible losses, as there is no guarantee that this will be the case. All wagers will stand regardless of whether or not the Cash Out feature is offered or not, or whether or not the Cash Out feature is executed.

Formalization of the Cash Out Advance

After the user makes any ‘Cash Out’ request, Betbarter will notify the user whether or not the request has been accepted. The fact of requesting an Early Cash Out does not guarantee that it will be accepted, since during the process circumstances such as a change of odds or a suspension of bets for that event may occur that alter the circumstances under which the request was processed.

In the event that an Early Cash Out request is rejected, an informational message will be displayed and a new Early Cash Out offer may be suggested to you.

Amount of the Advance Fee

In cases where your Cash Out request is accepted, an informative message will be displayed and your bet will be immediately evaluated. The balance indicated on the “Cash Out Advance” button will be automatically credited to your account.

The amount credited from a ‘Cash Out’ action includes the total amount to be received, regardless of the value of the original bet.

Final settlement of the bet

When a customer successfully uses the ‘Cash Out’ functionality, the original bet is settled/closed and no subsequent event will have any impact on the amount credited to your account, therefore; the celebration or not of the event, the final result, or any circumstance that occurs after the Cash Out will not affect in any way the bet already settled.

Errors in the values offered for Early Cash-Out

In the unfortunate event that a value offered to use the Cash Out feature is incorrect, Betbarter reserves the right to take the appropriate measures to correct such error, including, if applicable, the assessment of the Cash Out request for the amount equivalent to the amount that would have been correct had the error not occurred.

Betbarter reserves the right to modify, suspend or eliminate the Early Cash Out functionality at any time and from any market.


Betbarter makes every effort to ensure that no errors are made when accepting bets. However, if as a result of a human, computer, or technological error other than those indicated in point 1.6 of these Rules, a bet is accepted under any of the following circumstances, the winnings derived will be paid in accordance with what should have been the correct odds (this includes errors in the odds, errors in the predictions of a market, in the handicap or any other detail relevant to the bet). Here is the list of possible circumstances:

  • It might happen a mismatch between the market and the odds given the circumstances of the event on which the bet was being placed. It shall be understood that there is a mismatch between the market and the odds when the odds are manifestly higher or lower than they should have been according to the risk assumed in such a bet in view of the probability of the predicted outcome. When determining the lack of correspondence between the odds and the risk assumed in the bet, the following indicators may be used: odds offered for similar events and markets, odds offered for that market by other operators, etc.
  • The odds are unequivocally and manifestly different from those offered by the rest of the market.
  • There are errors in the forecasts (among others, the goals line, points line, card line, corners line, games line…) of the betting market (for example, that the points line to be obtained in a basketball game is 165 points, with an odds of 1.85, when the competition offers a line of 135 points at the same odds of 1.85).
  • There is an error in the handicap of the bet (for example, when the “advantage” that should have been attributed to the participant considered as an underdog, added to the actual result of the event, has been attributed by mistake to the participant considered as favorite).
  • There is any other relevant error that affects the determination of the bet, be it the odds, the market, the line, or the handicap.
  • The handicaps are being shown upside down from how they should be.

In order to establish the correct odds on which this type of bet should be paid, the odds offered by the main national bookmakers holding the corresponding Singular License for the development and exploitation of the type of game in question will be taken into account. Specifically, the correct odds will be the result of performing an arithmetic average between the odds offered by such bookmakers in the sector (for example, but not limited to WilliamHill, Bet365, and Bwin) for such market or event line.

Alternatively, in the cases regulated in the previous paragraphs, the customer may request before the start of the event on which he/she has placed a bet that the amount wagered be refunded. To do so, he/she must notify by e-mail Betbarter’s customer service department, before the start of the event on which he/she has placed a bet, that he/she considers that the odds are not correct and that he/she requests the invalidation of his/her bet.